First Bookbinding

February 7, 2009


Originally uploaded by gumg

My first self-bound book ever! I´m very proud! It took about 3 hours to finish it as you see it in the picture. I learned it from Ricë Freeman Zachery’s Bookbinding Workshop.

For the pages I took simple printer paper, the cover is strong sketch paper.

I took 8 sheets of printer paper for each of the 8 stacks I put together in this book and folded them into half. Then I took a piece of squared paper as high as  the folded stack’s backside and marked 5 points (4 or 6 is much better!). For bringing in the holes in the cover and the paper-stacks I simply used a nail and a hammer. Works very good. For further information how to fix the paper stacks to the cover have a look at Ricë Freeman Zachery’s tutorial below. It’s really easy and fun, and you can choose whatever material you like: old newspapers, magazine pages, sketching paper, gift wrapping paper….

To close the book, I took elastic band that ist normally used for trousers.

I think the sketch paper is not very solid, perhaps I´ll add some adhesive foil to make the book a bit more durable.

Visit Ricë Freeman Zachery’s Workshop here:

Part One:

Part Two:


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