April 9, 2009


Originally uploaded by gumg

Art journal entries – made with acrylic paint, black pen.

I´m planning a new handbound book right now, it seems as if one is getting addicted by this craft as soon as one starts with it. As I want to use it for my own purpose as a kind of writer´s notebook, I am looking right now for the right cover and style. It should be as inviting and content-matching as possible. So I take my time and do some sketches to find the right idea.

Barbara Sher´s book “Wishcraft” is an eye-opener to me. I just read a few chapters, but what she says about women being terrified simply by the thought of going for the money, life and the career that they want, makes me think. The quote explains best for me, why I personally am so scared about taking my interests and goals seriously.  It seems as if  – as a woman – you always have to choose between doing “yours” (and to loose love and support simply by doing it) or being “loved” – for not being what you are.

A free download of Barbara Sher´s book “Wishcraft” is available at The Alternating Current.


One Response to “dailyartjournal41”

  1. Alexia Says:

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂 The book is actually available for download at wishcraft.com – I just linked to it. Barbara Sher is fantastic!

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