The Coyote Option –

April 22, 2009

“Sometimes, you end up in a catch-22, where you seem to only have a limited set of choices, and all of them suck. And, you’ve looked for a way around whatever it is that sucks, but can’t find a solution…”

Continue reading: The Coyote Option – ATTENTION: The style of writing may sometimes hurt your sense of shame, so please just click if you are not too sensitive.

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One Response to “The Coyote Option –”

  1. Asmoday Says:

    I appreciate the repost — but more than anything, I wanted to thank you:

    The warning of “hurting people’s sense of shame”, while I never would have framed it so well, finally allows me to cross something off my goals list that was kinda “sticky”. The formal goal was to have someone repost the content but warn about the explicit nature.

    Much appreciated 🙂

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