My Flickr Faves – 6

May 24, 2009

My Flickr Faves – 6

Originally uploaded by gumg

1. too dirty, 2. art33, 3. fused plastic shopping bag journal, 4. Separating Into Signatures, 5. Vegan Journal (or not), 6. {you can never hold back spring}, 7. Um dia sem comentários!!/ Without comments!!, 8. napkin background, 9. Travel Journal – Pockets, 10. pink and brown flocked book, 11. Basic Crafts (recycled book), 12. Pure Beginnings Journal (front cover), 13. Reveal Yourself Journal, 14. It’s Tough Being a Man, 15. DIY Hanging Jewelry Holder #25, 16. Livros coptas, 17. Not a Monster, 18. Letters from France (artist book), 19. Sea Spray with Glass, 20. My version of the Traveler’s Notebook, 21. Orange Urban Handbag book, 22. china in your hand, 23. The Journey Home Book, inside, 24. nappiset4, 25. Black Box book (exterior), 26. The biggest book I’ve made so far, 27. A cloudman looking at the stars, 28. Flores, 29. 15 handbound books with pink pages, 30. Detalhe do álbum principal, 31. Frente do livro do Yomar, 32. Detalhe da concertina do álbum, 33. Detalhe da costura, 34. Detalhe, 35. Um livrinho que qualquer criança faz… A book even a child can make…, 36. Meaning
The mosaic has been created with: Big Huge Lab


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