This blog Journal88 is my first blog ever and a personal challenge for me – I always wanted to have “my own blog”, and here it is. Have fun!

My new challenge for 2010 is to learn to draw faces. I created a group on Flickr, Learning to draw faces, to get inspiration from other artists, and to keep myself motivated. If you like to join, please feel welcome! I love to look at face drawings other people made, so I would love to see your artwork, too.


8 Responses to “About Journal88”

  1. Shane Says:

    How old are you? Do you live in the United States? How long have you been drawing? How long have you considered yourself to be an artist? Is art the end product or the process? As an illustrator I have to say the end product. I am an artist that is an illustrator. What do you consider yourself to be?

    • journal88 Says:

      Hi Shane, so many questions :), I´ll try to answer them, although my English is not so good – sorry for that.
      I am 37, nearly 38, as my birthday is in February.
      I live in Germany, Berlin.
      I started daily drawing 2 years ago. Throughout my childhood and youth I made many attempts, but I was so sad and disappointed about my “bad” results that I stopped it everytime after making one or two drawings. But as my dream is and has always been to draw faces (by the way, I can´t stop looking at your drawings, they are amazing!) my “real start” is in a few days (January 1st) , because I set myself the goal to draw nothing but faces the whole year 2010 through. I won´t stop until I get the similarity into the drawing!! 🙂
      Personally I do not consider myself as an artist. I try to be one, but I consider myself still to be a wanna-be. I don´t know when I think by myself that I am an artist…
      My pieces of art are for me, at this point, kind of preliminaries or sketches. None of the pieces you see are “finished” in my sense, they are just try-outs on my way to find my style. For example, when I draw a face, this is not a finished drawing, because I concentrate on doing it as good and as similar as I can, but I don´t consider composition aspects, colors and so on.

  2. Shane Says:

    O.K. Good responses.

    Let me do a service for you and these huge aspirations for you. Art has to do as much about the process as it has to do with the end product. Thus that being said how you go about creating your own art own art needs to be comfortable for you.

    You are an artist. Regardless of what you think you or how you see yourself, YOU ARE AN ARTIST. You need to get comfortable with visualizing and seeing yourself as an artist. Because if you do not have the confidence of an artist, you’re never going to evolve as one.

    Learning how to draw faces correctly is a lot of hard work. And learning how to draw portraits is very difficult. You’re about to attempt something that is going to require all of your self confidence. You need to admit to yourself that you are an artist. Don’t ever think anything different. I think that you’re an artist.

    • journal88 Says:

      One more word and I´ll start crying – seriously! Your words are like balm for my tortured soul, and I will print out this comment, too. I didn´t know it before reading your comments, but I really did need exactly these words you wrote. You don´t have any psychic abilities, do you? 😉

  3. Shane Says:

    Print it out and believe it. Don’t just print it out and looks at it. NO! Print it out and believe it. Say it. You are an artist. What ever else you are that includes you being an artist. You’re a female, human, and you are an artist. All in that order. Being an artist is something artists feel down to their bone marrow. When somebody asks what you do you tell them you are an artist. You don’t even have to think about it.

    No I am not psychic..LMAO. I just knew that you needed to hear that. Somebody as talented as you are saying that they’re not an artist. That is wrong.

  4. journal88 Says:

    So – now you did it! I cry, and it´s your fault! 🙂 Thank you so much! It feels good, calling myself an artist, and I will continue that!

    • Shane Says:

      Doesn’t it though. You know no matter what you do for a career that is not your identity. That is not who you are. Who you are is a human being that is female and you are an artist. That is your identity. And when people ask you “What do you do?” They’re really asking what your career is, like that somehow defines your identity. I tell people that I am an artist and they’re always much more intrigued and interested when I tell them that. They want to know what I create what kind of artist I am. I am an illustrator that is an artist and so are you. Yeah, that does feel good doesn’t it? Because you have a talent that the majority of people don’t have. That makes you unique. Darn right it feels good.

      I am happy that I could help you discover that

  5. journal88 Says:

    You make my day – again! 🙂 I´ll do that, telling the people that I am an artist. Saying it to myself feels great, so I will say it to other people, too 🙂

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